Peace of Mind Guarantee

We know having your portraits made can sometimes seem difficult. After all what happens if you don't like your hair, the outfit you have on, don't like your smile or think you are too heavy. We have taken all the worries out of having your portraits made.

1) We make it fun... We work very hard to make you feel comfortable. We know when you feel comfortable you are more yourself and we can create beautiful portraits.

2) You will see the images as we take them. This way if you want to change anything we can do it then and there. The Old way was you had to wait until the film came back to see the problems. Well that's not the way with Benedik.

3) We are going to take a tons of images. You will have lots & lots to choose from guaranteeing your satisfaction.

4) We can fix anything you don't like. Hair, teeth, wrinkles, think you look too heavy in photos, we can fix that. We want you to LOVE your portraits. Nothing else will do.

5) After all that if you still don't like what we have done we have a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. We will give you all your money back and we will still be friends. How is that..... Now there are no excuses. Let us create for you some of the most beautiful portraits you will ever see.....

Here's what to do. Pick up the phone and call Morty Benedik at 514-683-2247.


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